About Us

Welcome to the Vivekanand  School , the only best School in Dharuhera  offering Education with good manners and discipline..

As our society changes and adapts to meet the challenges we face it is vital that we do the very best we can for our young people. They are our future. Developing young people isn’t just about giving them a narrow range of examination results; it is about shaping and developing the whole person. Schools have to be about creating the citizens of tomorrow.

Co-operative Values and Principles are ideal for schools. They match a good school’s aspirations so well that they could easily have been written specially for education. The fact that they are internationally agreed and regularly used by millions of Co-operators across the world makes them even more secure for schools.

This year we again have over hundreds of new students who will be experiencing all we have to offer for the very first time – we welcome them and their families to Vivekanand  School and we will continue to do all we can to make them feel best. We also have many new teachers and new teaching assistants, all of whom have been trained by the authorities, so can provide your children with the very best in international education.

We are very proud of our school, but we must always move forward – and so this year we will:

1.Continue to build a true partnership between school and parents, as this is a cornerstone of effective learning.

2.Continue to build an inclusive school, where parents, teachers, non-teaching staff and students share a mutual respect and understanding.
3.Continue to develop international mindedness within an Indian environment.

4.Continue our path towards becoming a great school through innovation in the classroom and in technology together with great teachers.

Most of all, we will live by our Mission: “We are building a community of responsible and compassionate lifelong learners committed to a sustainable future.

Admission Open 2024-25