Medical Room

The Medical Room is open daily.

Please be aware that this is a First Aid Room and NOT a substitute for your GP.

All medical appointments during the school day will require a note beforehand from your parents/carer to be shown to your Form Tutor. When you leave the School you must sign out at Reception and show the letter to the Receptionist. If you return to School during the same school day you must sign back in at Reception.

For non-emergencies (for example headaches, stomach aches or toothache) the opening times are break and lunch times.

PassOutside of break or lunchtime should a student become so unwell that he/she is unable to continue with their class they will need the permission of their teacher to visit the Medical Room and will be given an Amber Card. They will then be assessed and their medical needs be treated accordingly. Should this require for the student to be sent home the relevant parent/carer will be contacted by a member of staff.