Smart Class Room

In modern e learning and online education based system, the smart class and smart school are not an unknown thing, because in a smart class there will be computer enabled education system. Smart class provides a platform for online e class. We can say it “White Board e Evolution” in education. The question is that what is smart school and what is smart class and what is smart class education.

Education means imparting and acquisition of knowledge through teaching and learning. An educated student is therefore a learned student, who has been well equipped by the school, to take on challenges of life.

With increase in competition in various professions, including engineering and medicine etc, there is an increased requirement of knowledgeable professionals, who are capable of taking on new challenges, and having a short learning curve. A short learning curve implies quicker assimilation of the subject in a shorter period of time.

Techno-education provides just that. It helps students acquire concepts rather easily. The system caters for the maturity of the recipient student, and provides him with the necessary impetus to motivate him, study the subject matter and retain the important relevant points for the future.